Chair:  Samira Aboubaker  (World Health Organization)

During this session, participants reviewed and discussed key components of writing strong national iCCM implementation plans. Common processes and challenges encountered as well as possible solutions to common bottlenecks were discussed. During the second part of the session, countries worked in teams and undertook peer review of their respective iCCM implementation plans.

The objectives of the session were to

  1. 1. Review key components of writing strong iCCM implementation plans, identifying common processes, challenges, and solutions
  2. 2. For country teams to engage in peer review of iCCM implementation plans and offer suggestions for strengthening/improvement

Access Session II presentations and group work materials below:

National iCCM Implementation Planning

National iCCM Plan/Strategy, Key Components and Implementation Challenges in Ethiopia

National iCCM Implementation Plan For Ghana: Key Components, Strategies and Challenges

Introduction to Group Work

Peer Review Guidelines for ICCM Planning (Available in English and French)