Chair: Atieno Ojoo (UNICEF Supply Division)

Participants learned more about the importance of integrated PMS planning for effective iCCM implementation, including a discussion of common PSM challenges for iCCM. PSM resources that have been developed by the iCCM FTT and UNICEF were shared with participants. During group work, country teams developed draft country action plans for PSM strengthening/capacitation to ensure successful iCCM implementation.

The objectives of the session were to:

  1. 1.To discuss integrated PSM planning for iCCM implementation, including common challenges and possible solutions, and share PSM tools and resources with country teams
  2. 2.To develop country-specific PSM action plans to support effective iCCM implementation

Access Session III presentations and group work guidelines below:

Integrated PSM Planning

Procurement and Supply Management for iCCM – Common Challenges

Integrated PSM for Effective ICCM implementation – Country Presentations

Burkina Faso



Review of Integrated PSM resources and Tools and Introduction to Group Work

PSM Group Work Guidelines (Available in English and French)

PSM Country Action Plan (Available in English and French)

For key backgrounds materials, please click below:

iCCM Product Selection Guide (Available in English and French)

iCCM PSM Guidance (Available in English and French)

iCCM PSM Checklist (Available in English and French)

A Process Guide and Toolkit Supply Chain for Strengthening Public Health Supply Chains through Capacity Development

Global Fund-UNICEF-UNFPA March PSM Mission Report (March 2015)

Uganda PSM Mission Report (October 2015)

Zambia PSM Mission Report (December 2015)