Chair: Eric Swedberg (Save the Children)

Participants were updated on the recommended indicators for iCCM; priority indicators that should be integrated within national HMIS; and best practices for supporting iCCM data quality and data use as a mechanism for strengthening broader community health information systems and HMIS in the context of new funding from the Global Fund. Participants also reviewed existing monitoring plans and began to develop/revise plans, as appropriate.

The objectives of the session were to

  1. 1.To increase understanding of priority iCCM indicators, processes for integration into national HMIS, and best practices to support data quality and use
  2. 2.To revise and update existing Global Fund program monitoring plans as appropriate
  3. 3.To develop country-specific action plans for the integration of priority iCCM indicators into national HMIS and supporting data quality and data use

Access Session IV presentations and materials below:

Overview of Session IV

Challenges and Opportunities for an Integrated M&E Framework and CHIS: A Global Fund Perspective

ICCM Recommended Indicators

Ethiopia’s Experience on Strengthening Community Health Information Systems, Data Quality and Data Use

Integrating ICCM in NHIS NIGER

Emergent Trends and Best Practices for Strengthening Community Health Information Systems, Data Quality and Data Use

Session IV Data

For key background materials, please click below:

Robertson, T., Kasungami, D., Guenther, T., and E. Hazel. Monitoring ICCM: A feasibility study of the indicator guide for monitoring and evaluating integrated community case management. Health Policy and Planning 2016: 1-8.

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