serves as a clearinghouse for more than 500 files related to integrated community case management of childhood illness. The documents have been categorized in a number of ways and exist to best serve the people who are currently, or will be in the future, implementing iCCM programs. Mutually exclusive categories are: Published Literature, Reference MaterialsTools for iCCM PlannersTools for CHW Supervisors, and Tools for CHWs.

Our database also includes files that date back to the year 2000. Its contributors comprise more than 75 organizations, the most prominent of which include the iCCM Task Force, the Diarrhea and Pneumonia Working Group, the MDG Health Alliance, 13 Ministries of Health, Save the Children, UNICEF, USAID, and WHO. The types of files range from articles and reports to baseline assessment forms and presentations.

The subject matter of the files covers 25 countries, all eight iCCM components, all levels of iCCM implementation (planning, implementation, and expansion/scale-up), and specific topics of interest (diarrhea, pneumonia, malaria, maternal health, newborn health, and other childhood illnesses).

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