On 3-5 March 2014, UNICEF and many partners hosted the iCCM Evidence Review Symposium in Accra, Ghana. The Symposium was attended by 400 participants from more than 30 countries and 50 international organizations.

The objective of the symposium was twofold: first, to review the current state of the art of iCCM implementation by bringing together researchers, donors, government, implementers and partners to review the map of the current landscape and status of evidence in key iCCM program areas, in order to draw out priorities, lessons and gaps for improving child and maternal-newborn health. Second, to assist African countries to integrate and take action on key frontline iCCM findings presented during the evidence symposium.

Download the summary and conclusions document from the iCCM Symposium: (English) (French) (Portuguese)

The Final Meeting Report and its Appendices are also now available.

To download the Evidence Review graphic from the iCCM Symposium, click here.

On this page, you will find lessons learned documents prepared by the conference organizers. You will also find photographs from the Symposium. In the coming weeks, tools on each thematic area will be added.

Lessons Learned Documents

Policy (English) (French) (Portuguese)

Costing (English) (French) (Portuguese)

Cost Effectiveness (English) (French) (Portuguese)

Human Resources (English) (French) (Portuguese)

Supply Chain Management (English) (French) (Portuguese)

Demand Generation (English) (French) (Portuguese)

Quality Assurance (English) (French) (Portuguese)

Monitoring and Evaluation (English) (French) (Portuguese)

Impact Evaluation (English) (French) (Portuguese)

Mortality Impact (English) (French) (Portuguese)