iCCM Service Provision

iCCM in Niger is currently considered to be in a stage of expansion. The community health workers are a new cadre of health worker in Niger; they are called PCIME communitaire and are based in the case de santé. These CHWs were trained during 6 months in a newly established government training school. They are an integral part of the health service, and provide lifesaving interventions throughout the lifecycle – the deployment of these CHWs increased access to health care for women and children. As of April 2011, 2426 ASCs had been trained in iCCM and deployed.

Resources and Tools on or from Niger

To download the Niger country action plan in French, click here.

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2. UNICEF. Review of Systematic Challenges to the Scale-up of Integrated Community Case Management: Emerging Lessons & Recommendations from the Catalytic Initiative (CI/IHSS). New York, NY: 2012.

Year of Introduction


Package Offered

Identification and treatment of diarrhea (with ORS and zinc), pneumonia (with antibiotics), malaria (with mRDTs and ACTs), and malnutrition


To be confirmed

Name for Service Provider

Agents de santé communautaire (ASC, English:CHW)

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