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iCCM Service Provision

iCCM in Madagascar is currently considered to be in a stage of expansion. There are two types of CHWs per community: CHWs who focus on mothers and work to improve reproductive health, family planning, and safe motherhood; and CHWs who focus on children and carry out iCCM and nutritional monitoring. Both groups work on issues relating to hygiene and sanitation. The CHWs are selected and supported by the community in consultation with local health authorities. The CHWs are supported by a technical assistant from an implementing partner (NGO or other) and by the health center manager of the local basic health center. In addition, each commune has a social development committee that orients the CHWs and mobilizes the community to support their work.

Resources and Tools on or from Madagascar

To download the Madagascar country action plan in French, click here.

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1. MCHIP. Review of Integrated Community Case Management Materials: Ten African Countries. Washington, DC: 2013.

Year of Introduction

Package Offered
Identification and treatment of diarrhea (with zinc and ORS), pneumonia (with antibiotics), malaria (with mRDTs and ACTs), malnutrition; provide Vitamin A, deworming


Name for Service Provider
Community health worker (CHW)

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