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iCCM Service Provision

iCCM in Guinea is currently considered to be in a stage of early implementation. The CHWs trained in the integrated package are for the most part the same ones previously trained in promotion of key family practices and in malaria identification. iCCM is in addition to the promotional activities. One of the strengths of the implementation of iCCM to date is the use of one common training curriculum and set of guidelines by all partners, including MCSP, PSI, Plan Guinea, WHO, UNICEF, the Global Fund, and the different relevant parts of the Ministry of Health. Supervision of CHWs is provided by the health centers. Health center directors are trained in supervision and in supply management. There are five CHWs attached to each health center. There are two types of supervision, depending on whether the district is supported by an NGO or directly by the government. In the five government-supported districts now doing iCCM, the central level does the supervision along with the district health facility staff.

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1. MCHIP. Review of Integrated Community Case Management Materials: Ten African Countries. Washington, DC: 2013.

Year of Introduction

Package Offered
Identification and treatment of diarrhea (with zinc and ORS), pneumonia (with antibiotics), malaria (with mRDTs and ACTs), and malnutrition; provide disease prevention through handwashing programs and provision of Vitamin A

8 districts of 29

Name for Service Provider
Community health worker (CHW)

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