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iCCM Service Provision

iCCM in Ghana is currently considered to be in a stage of expansion. Community Based Agents (CBAs) provide iCCM services. Zonal Coordinators are to be responsible for a zone consisting of an average of 10-20 communities. They are selected from among the more educated and literate volunteers (usually teachers or other professionals), and are trained on the basic package of iCCM as well as training on data management and supervision, in order to effectively support the CBAs. The use of Zonal Coordinators appears to be working well for most of the activities of community volunteers in the Northern Region, including Community-Based Disease Surveillance, Guinea worm surveillance, pregnancy and EPI registration, vital registration of births and deaths, and data capture and collation for iCCM. Zonal Coordinators are generally provided with a means of transport (e.g. bicycle or motorcycle and fuel) to facilitate their movement, as well as modest payments during meetings and field activities.

Resources and Tools on or from Ghana

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1. UNICEF. Review of Systematic Challenges to the Scale-up of Integrated Community Case Management: Emerging Lessons & Recommendations from the Catalytic Initiative (CI/IHSS). New York, NY: 2012.

Year of Introduction


Package Offered

Identification and treatment of diarrhea (with ORS and zinc), pneumonia (with antibiotics), and malaria (with mRDTs and ACTs)


To be confirmed

Name for Service Provider

Community based agent (CBA)

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