A CHW in Cameroon stands in front of charts at the local health facility. Photo by Zina Jarrah, courtesy of MSH.

iCCM Service Provision

iCCM in Cameroon is currently considered to be in a stage of early implementation. Effective treatments are available for these diseases: oral rehydration salts and zinc for diarrheal disease, antibiotics for bacterial pneumonia and effective antimalarial drugs (artemisinin-based combination therapies or ACT) for malaria.

Resources and Tools on or from Cameroon

To download the Cameroon country action plan in French, click here.

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1. PSI. Cameroon CCM Endline Evaluation 2012: Outcomes & Impact in Doumé and Nguelemendouka Districts after Three Years of Program Implementation. Washington, DC: 2013.

Year of Introduction

Package Offered
Identification and treatment of diarrhea (with ORS and zinc), pneumonia (referral), and malaria (with mRDTs and ACTS)

To be confirmed

Name for Service Provider
Community health worker (CHW)

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