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The iCCM indicators complement the iCCM benchmarks by providing a harmonized set of metrics to measure iCCM implementation and results, covering all eight components and the three program phases. The indicators were not designed to correspond directly to each of the individual benchmarks, but do address the main elements of each component and phase and provide a comprehensive and standardized approach to monitor iCCM programs and assess progress towards improved coverage of life-saving curative interventions.

The iCCM indicators include 10 indicators recommended for the global level and 38 indicators recommended at the country level. Global-level indicators represent all 8 components and all three indicator categories and can be used to compare progress in iCCM programming across countries. Country level indicators can serve as a menu for iCCM program managers to incorporate into monitoring and evaluating progress across all aspects of iCCM.

Download the iCCM Global Indicators Matrix here.

CCM Global Indicators chart1CCM Global Indicators chart2CCM Global Indicators chart3

Download the iCCM Country Indicators Matrix here.

Country Indicators Chart1Country Indicators Chart2Country Indicators Chart3Country Indicators Chart4Country Indicators Chart5Country Indicators Chart6Country Indicators Chart7Country Indicators Chart8Country Indicators Chart9


The content and matrices on this page were adapted from the following document: USAID, MCHIP, JSI, Karolinska Institute-Uppsala University, Save the Children, and World Health Organization. Indicator Guide: Monitoring and Evaluating Integrated Community Case Management. Washington, DC: MCHIP, 2013.