2016 Nairobi Workshop

iCCM FTT and UNICEF-convened Regional Consultation on Scaling Up Integrated Community Case Management

In April 2014, the Global Fund and UNICEF signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to better coordinate efforts aimed at reducing the burde... Read More

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Resupply System for CHWs in Rwanda


In 2010 when the SC4CCM Project completed a baseline assessment, Community Health Workers (CHWs) in Rwanda were organized into cells and affiliated with a Cell Coordinator (CC). All of the CHWs in a cell met before the monthly meeting... Read More

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Resupply System for CHWs in Guinea

iCCM in Guinea: In Guinea, the integrated package of iCCM is being implemented since 2013 as an introductory phase for gradual expansion nationwide.  To date there are 346 CHWs in 12 districts (of 34 in the country).  There are on a... Read More

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Resupply System for CHWs in Burundi

The package of community case management started out as CCM for malaria cases for children under 5 years.  The Ministry of Health is now reviewing the pilot experience with malaria CCM and it is expected that soon an integrated package will be implemente... Read More

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Monitoring and Evaluation Subgroup


The most recent list of organizations involved with the Monitoring and Evaluation Subgroup is as follows: | | | | | | | | |

Priority Areas of Work

  • • Collaboration to support country level efforts... Read More

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