June 23, 2016 : Waste management at the community level – how to do it properly?

Certain products used by CHWs carry inherent risks if not disposed of properly.  This webinar discussed recommendations and best practices for waste management at the community level.  Examples were presented from Madagascar and Rwanda outlining how those countries have set up systems for waste management at the community level and their successes and challenges.
  • -Sarah Andersson, Senior Technical Advisor, Health logistics, John Snow Incorporated (JSI)
  • -Jane Briggs, Principal Technical Advisor, SIAPS program, Management Sciences for Health (MSH)
  • -Olivier Wane, Supply Chain Officer, Maternal Child and Community Health Division,  Ministry of Health, Rwanda
  • -Andritiana Tsarafihavy and Thomas Razanajatovo, USAID Mikolo project MSH, Madagascar
To access the webinar recording, click here. The presentations can be found below:

December 8, 2015: Supply Chain Management for CCM – Private Sector Approaches

Community case management (CCM) is often delivered by CHWs who are usually volunteers and considered to be an extension of the health system. There are however some examples of CCM by private sector providers. In these models, the supply chain still has to be managed appropriately to assure quality and availability of appropriate products. In this webinar, examples were presented from Uganda, Madagascar and Tanzania outlining the private sector model used, details on how the supply chain works and its successes and challenges.

The webinar was moderated by Jane Briggs, of the SIAPS program, MSH, current chair of the SCM Subgroup.


  • – Jack Castle, Partnerships Manager, Living Goods
  • – Henok Yemane, Technical Advisor (Programs & Operations), PSI/Madagascar
  • – Suleiman Kimata and Eliphace Mkumbo, MSH/Tanzania

To access Part One of the recording, click here; to access Part Two, click here. The answers to audience questions are available here, and the presentations can be found below:

If you have any questions for the speakers or about the presentations, please reach out to Jane Briggs at jbriggs@msh.org.

October 28, 2014: Supply Chain Management Tools for CHWs: Getting the Data You Need to Manage Stocks

Data from the community level is crucial to inform resupply of CHWs and to allow for appropriate management of products and quantification. But can we facilitate recording and reporting without overburdening the CHWs? Are you interested in learning more about how to design or redesign resupply tools for CHWs? Presenters showcased a set of generic supply chain management tools for CHWs and their job aids including options for low literacy CHWs, highlighted the essential data elements to collect, showed some practical examples of forms used by community health programs in example countries and discussed some of the principles to designing supply chain management tools for CHWS. The generic tools were recently developed for use in program start up or during refinement and scale up (see above).

Presenters are:

      • – Sarah Andersson, Country Technical Manager, Supply Chains for Community Case Management (SC4CCM/JSI)
      • – Jane Briggs, Principal Technical Advisor, Systems for Improved Access to Pharmaceuticals and Services/MSH
      • – Alexis Heaton, Country Technical Manager, Supply Chains for Community Case Management (SC4CCM/JSI)

To access the full recording and presentations slides, click here.

February 26, 2014: Quantification for CCM

Getting the right quantities of products to community health workers (CHWs) to treat sick children is critical to the success of CCM. Quantification is the first step in ensuring CHWs have the products they need when they need them. This webinar will provide program managers with a general overview of the quantification process for CCM, focusing on some of the unique considerations for the community level and potential options to address common challenges. This is intended for audiences familiar with CCM but does not require technical knowledge related to quantification. Presenters are:

      • – Jane Briggs, Principal Technical Advisor, Systems for Improved Access to Pharmaceuticals and Services/MSH
      • – Alexis Heaton, Country Technical Manager, Supply Chains for Community Case Management/JSI

To access the Quantification for CCM presentation, click here.

May 15, 2013: Overview of the common pitfalls and potential solutions

Jane Briggs, Principal Technical Advisor for Systems for Improved Access to Pharmaceuticals and Services/MSH and Sarah Andersson, Country Technical Advisor for Supply Chain for Community Case Management/JSI provided an overview of the common pitfalls and bottlenecks of the CCM supply chain and potential solutions to these challenges. This webinar is the first in a series of webinars designed to help CCM program managers find ways to overcome the supply chain challenges unique to CHWs, so be looking for the next announcement. This is an opportunity to learn and collaborate across programs, because unless health products reach CHWs, CCM can never be successful in reducing childhood mortality.

Download the presentation in English or French.

August 29, 2013: Webinar on mHealth for SCM for CCM

Mobile technology offers a lot of opportunities for supply chain management in community health programs. Through the use of this simple technology we can improve communication between CHWs and their resupply points/supervisors, increase the visibility of data for decision makers and address stock shortages quickly plus more. This second webinar presented by the Supply Chain Management Subgroup of the CCM Task Force on August 29, 2013, presented examples of mHealth solutions that have been introduced in a number of CCM programs in different countries in Sub-Saharan Africa. This webinar presented some success stories as well as some of the challenges and considerations when using mobile phone technology. Presenters included those involved with development and implementation of these systems:

      • – Sarah Andersson, Country Technical Manager, SC4CCM/JSI
      • – Emily Bancroft, Program Director, Health Systems, VillageReach
      • – Dr. Davis Musinguzi, Health Systems Strengthening Specialist, UNICEF Uganda
      • – Rowena Luk, VP of Strategy, Dimagi, Product Owner, CommTrack mobile logistics solution

To access the webinar on mHealth for SCM for CCM, click here.