The package of community case management started out as CCM for malaria cases for children under 5 years.  The Ministry of Health is now reviewing the pilot experience with malaria CCM and it is expected that soon an integrated package will be implemented and expanded.

The resupply system is such that community health workers go to the health center each month for a monthly meeting and are supposed to be resupplied at that time using the report/order form (similar to scenario 2 in the generic resupply forms).  They have been given guidance on maximum and minimum stock levels by the health center and their stock should be replenished to the maximum level at each monthly order.  The maximum stock level was calculated per district as twice the likely number consumed in a month by a CHW, during the pilot phase.  This method was chosen as there were districts with few cases of malaria, and so the consumption cannot be reliably used to calculate resupply quantities, rather a maximum number should be maintained regardless of consumption.

The only commodities stocked by the CHWs are antimalarials for children under 5 years, the rapid diagnostic test and gloves.

The resupply system, forms, and guidance will be reviewed and revised as the country moves to implementing iCCM.