The most recent list of organizations involved with the Monitoring and Evaluation Subgroup is as follows:

ICF (Measure Evaluation) | International Rescue Committee (IRC) | Johns Hopkins School of Public Health | John Snow, Inc. (JSI) | Malaria Consortium | Maternal and Child Survival Program (MCSP) | Population Services International (PSI) | Save the Children | United Nations’ Children’s Fund (UNICEF) |

Priority Areas of Work

Access the latest version of the 2015 workplan.

  • • Collaboration to support country level efforts in Monitoring and Evaluation of iCCM programs
  • • Support national HMIS to integrate priority iCCM indicators
  • • Develop plan, tools and procedures to support countries with national iCCM programs to analyze their routine data on iCCM (e.g. develop resource on data analysis; identify skill gaps and ways to address)
  • • Review and revision of recommended iCCM indicators
  • • Develop and test approaches to address other priority measurement issues (e.g. measuring adherence to medication, etc.)
  • • Identify and share iCCM M&E resources
  • • Support Global Fund iCCM M&E

Governance and Structure

The M&E subgroup is co-chaired by Serge Raharison of MCSP/JSI and Tanya Guenther of Save the Children. The group holds quarterly meetings over the phone and schedules face-to-face meetings when opportunities arise. Two task teams were established during the first M&E sub-group meeting in October 2014 to move priority work areas forward. These are:

  1. 1. DHIS2. This task team focuses on exploring opportunities to strengthen routine monitoring for iCCM through the DHIS2 platform, which many countries have adopted or are planning to adopt as the platform for their national HMIS. This task team is co-chaired by Vikas Dwivedi (MCSP/JSI) and Nick Oliphant/Maria Muniz (UNICEF).
  1. 2. Indicators: This task team will focus on reviewing and revising the iCCM indicators based on country experience. The co-chairs are to be determined.


The following are some recent papers related to M&E of iCCM:

Informal Scoping Paper: Opportunities to incorporate integrated community case management monitoring indicators into national-level health information system reporting structures using DHIS 2 in 14 countries. 

Journal of Global Health iCCM supplement:

Other articles:

Indicators for iCCM

M&E tools for iCCM


Core Group Workshop – May 5th: Strengthening monitoring and evaluation for ICCM: Lessons learned and promising innovations

iCCM symposium presentations from the M&E session


Lessons learned for M&E of iCCM:

Meeting Minutes: