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iCCM Service Provision

iCCM in the DRC is currently considered to be in a stage of expansion. There are two types of Community Health Workers. One is the relais communautaires, or promotional relays, who mostly conduct programs related to prevention and promotion and social mobilization and communication. Community relays ensure the link between health centers and families. The health center team, with support from a Community Animator from the HZ, coaches community relays in their daily activities. The second type, the relais du site iCCM, or iCCM site relays, provide curative care. This cadre receives structured training and supervision. Site relays are chosen by the community. The status of the site relays is superior to that of the promotional relays, and there is also some overlap between promotional relays and church volunteers doing behavior change communication.

Resources and Tools on or from Democratic Republic of Congo


1. MCHIP. Review of Integrated Community Case Management Materials: Ten African Countries. Washington, DC: 2013.
2. MCHIP. Integrated Community Case Management of Childhood Illness: Documentation of Best Practices and Bottlenecks to Program Implementation in the Democratic Republic of the Congo: Summary Report. Washington, DC: 2012.

Year of Introduction

Package Offered
Treatment of pneumonia, diarrhea, malaria, malnutrition (moderate); provide vaccinations, Vitamin A, deworming (mebendazole); disease prevention; growth monitoring

103 of 516 districts

Name for Service Provider
Relais communautaire (English:community relay), and relais du site iCCM (English:iCCM site relays)

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